Consultancy services and technical support for  analysis, elaboration and preparation of offers for tender participations.

■ Elaboration of technical proposals for tenders

✓ Analysis and elaboration of the technical proposals according to the requirements of the tenders award documentation;

✓ Description of general solutions for organizing works (work fronts, assigning works to associates/subcontractors, etc.);

✓ Elaboration of proposed working methodologies for the fulfillment of the established solutions in the specifications;

✓ Execution graphs of the works using computerized methods for planning;

✓ Graphs of monthly allocation / time periods of resources;

✓ Projects implementation graphs;

✓ Graphs regarding the allocation of inputs for the proposed experts;

✓ Analysis and evaluation of CV’s, supporting documents for the designated teams for contracts implementation.

■ Analysis of the financial proposals for auctions

✓ Estimating and cost analyzing for each activity and elaborating the financial offers;

✓ Requesting price offers received from suppliers / subcontractors and comparative analysis by reviewing technical solutions;

✓ Preparation of comparative maps and identification of the most financially advantageous price, as well as the most appropriate price applied on the technical solution requested in the specifications;

✓ Check lists of quantities for each bid;

✓ Preparation of reports and/or maps regarding the relevant price offers necessary for closing and finalizing financial proposals;

✓ Managing the know-how transfer process to the implementation department in case of tender award.

■ Coordination and verification of administrative documents, eligibility regarding financial, technical and/or professional capacity

✓ Identification and implementation of new partnership development opportunities;

✓ Analysis eligibility criteria.

■ Maintaining the relationship with the contracting authorities

✓ Preparation of clarifications requests;

✓ Legal assistance in the formulation and preparation of appeals;

✓ Periodic reports / notifications / communications / elaboration in response to requests from the authorities.

■ Customized activities management for each stage of execution, in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents and compliance with the deadlines

✓ Projects supervision;

✓ Coordination of activities and project team;

✓ Management preparation of contracts and necessary resources for implementation.

Our projects

Through our expertise, we contribute to the implementation and completion of numerous projects from different areas. We are actively involved in our client’s projects, having more than 12 years of experience in infrastructure, civil construction, energy and sanitation.

Our experts have the knowledge and flexibility needed to implement projects both nationally and internationally.