Cookies and other similar technologies

Cookies were invented to allow the users to benefit from services such as autentification when accessing a website or using online stores. They are small files, placed on the reader terminal, that play the role of site memory. Whenever the concerned person accesses a particular website, he/she can write or read in the cookie he/she has placed on the terminal, information that the reader has already transmitted to the website, directly or indirectly. Subsequently, from this point other technologies that have the same purpose have been developed. These technologies are described in detail below.

We are using cookies and other similar technologies on our website .

Cookies are small text files placed on the computer or mobile devices when you access websites. “Direct” cookies are set by the domains you are currently visiting (ex. “Third party” cookies are set by domains other than those of the websites you visit (ex. other domains than

Web beacons are transparent pixel images that are used to collect information about website usage.

As with cookies, the technology that gives the possibility of local storage allows websites to store information on a terminal (computer, mobile phone, etc.). This technology usually allows a persistent storage and, unlike cookies, the data stored there are not transferred to the Internet whenever the website is visited by a specific reader. does not use such technologies.

The mobile advertising code is an unique identifier (ID) set by the operating system of your mobile device. This ID helps applications you install on your device and that may contain advertisings, to recognize you. Most devices allow applications to access your mobile advertising ID, by default. However, you can change your device settings to prevent your device from sharing this code with various applications. Check the “Help” section for operating systems to learn more about managing mobile advertising IDs. On Android, Advertising means the Android Advertising ID, on iOS devices it means the Advertising Agent ID (IDFA).

Below, we will refer to cookies, web beacons, local storage and mobile advertising ID as „cookies and similar technologies”:

Most cookies can be included in one of the below categories:

a. Strictly Necessary: These cookies are essential in providing the services requested by the readers. Without them, the website cannot operate or deliver the services provided.

b. Performance: These cookies collect information about how readers/visitors uses a website, such as the most popular pages, which method of linking between pages is the most effective and if users encounter error messages on the web pages. These cookies allow us to provide a high quality experience to our readers/visitors, as well as to measure the audience of the pages on The information collected by these cookies does not identify the users. They are designed to help improve the functioning of our website.

Your cookies options

You can adjust the privacy settings in your browser to block all cookies; however, this may affect your browsing experience, because many websites may not work properly. The browser can allow you to delete all cookies when you close your browser. This option, however, results in the deletion of persistent cookies, which can store your personalized preferences and settings on the websites you visit regularly. However, it is possible to keep the cookies you want, as your browser may allow you to specify websites that are always or never authorized to use cookies.