From Wednesday evening, November 28, pedestrians can drive on the Centenary Bridge in Oradea, while the cars will have access to the new construction from Monday, December 3. Built over Crișul Repede between Plevnei street and Szigligeti Ede street, the new bridge was completed faster than the deadline stipulated in the contract, January next year.

The works for the new bridge started in January and were carried out by the company Freyrom SA – Procons Group SRL – Electro Excel Green Consulting SRL – SC Aquacons SRL. The builders signed a contract of 11.3 million lei and were obliged to complete everything within 12 months.

So, on the right bank of Crișul Repede:
• The Academy Street will be transformed into a two-way street, by abolishing the parking spaces on both directions.
• Moscow Street, between Academiei Street and Ady Endre Street, will be transformed into a two-way street.
• Roman Ciorogariu Street, between Academiei Street and Nicolae Iorga Street, will become a two-way street.
• Nicolae Iorga street becomes a two-way street.
• Ady Endre Street, between Roman Ciorogariu and Szigligeti Ede turns into a one-way street and will move from Roman Ciorogariu to Szigligeti Ede.
• Danube street, between Cometei street and Mihai Eminescu street, becomes a two-way street.Paragraf

On the arteries on the left bank of Crișul Repede:
• The United Principality Street, from Centennial Bridge to Builders’ Street, is transformed into a two-way street
• At the intersection of Constructorilor Street and Principatelor Unite Street there will be a roundabout marked on the road.
• On Plevnei Street, the direction of traffic will change and will move from Centenary Bridge to Tudor Vladimirescu street, with priority over Simion Ștefan street. 7

Source: digi24